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When the acceleration is zero, what is always happening to the velocity?
a) velocity is constant (not changing)
b) velocity is also zero
c) velocity is changing due to speed changing
d) velocity is changing due to direction changing

When velocity and acceleration are in opposite directions, what is the motion of the object?
a) slowing down (going slower)
b) speeding up (going faster)
c) circular
d) stopped (no motion)

When comparing graphs, if the x-axis and y-axis are similar, how can you tell which shows a greater speed?
a) faster speed = steeper line
b) faster speed = flatter line
c) there is no way to tell
d) look and see what my neighbor wrote on their paper

When velocity and acceleration are in the same direction, what is the motion of the object?
a) speeding up (going faster)
b) slowing down (going slower)
c) circular
d) stopped (no motion)

What does speed need to considered a velocity?
a) direction
b) motion
c) speed
d) distance

The average rate at which an object moves
a) average speed
b) speed
c) motion
d) position

The rate at which an object is moving at any specific point in time
a) speed
b) average speed
c) motion
d) position

The rate at which position changes
a) velocity
b) acceleration
c) speed
d) motion

What is the correct formula to calculate speed?
a) speed = distance divided by time
b) speed = force times distance
c) speed = distance times time
d) speed = force divided by distance

What is the average speed if the distance is 350 and the time is 70 seconds?
a) 5 centimeters per second
b) 357 centimeters per second
c) 0.2 centimeters per second
d) 280 centimeters per second

If an object travels 48 meters in 6 seconds, what is its average speed?
a) 6 m/s
b) 8 m/s
c) 54 m/s
d) 288 m/s

When graphing speed data of a moving object, which of the following would be a correct axis label?
a) Distance in Centimeters on the y-axis
b) Time in Inches on the y-axis
c) Distance in Minutes on the x-axis
d) Time in Meters on the x-axis

If the distance an object travels and the time it takes to travel the distance are known, what can be calculated?
a) speed
b) acceleration
c) force
d) energy

Which two measurements are needed to calculate speed?
a) distance and time
b) time and mass
c) force and distance
d) mass and volume

It takes 6 hours to drive a distance of 300 km. What is the average speed?
a) 50 km/hr
b) 60 km/hr
c) 306 km/hr
d) 1800 km/hr

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