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What is the area of a triangle with base 5 cm and height 2 cm?.
a) 10 cm2
b) 5 cm2
c) 15 cm2
d) 15 cm2

What is a scalene triangle? It's a polygon which has...
a) Two different sides
b) Two equal sides and one different
c) Three equal sides
d) Three different sides

What is the perimeter of a square of side 5 cm?.
a) 25 cm2
b) 20 cm2
c) 25 cm
d) 20 cm

One dodecagon is a polygon that has...
a) ten sides
b) twelve sides
c) zero sides
d) five sides

What is the area of a square of side 5 cm?.
a) 25 cm2
b) 20 cm2
c) 25 cm
d) 20 cm

How many sides has a circle?
a) It has one side, the radius
b) It has more than one
c) The circle hasn't got sides
d) It has three sides

A rhombus is a quadrilateral?
a) Yes, because it has two sides parallel two by two.
b) No, because it has four sides.
c) Yes, because it is a parallelogram with two sides.
d) No, because it isn't a parallelogram

A circle is a polygon?
a) Yes
b) No, because it hasn't got sides
c) Yes, because it is a closed figure
d) None answer is correct

How many vertices are in a pentagon?
a) A pentagon has sixteen vertices
b) A pentagon hasn't vertices
c) A pentagon has five vertices
d) A pentagon has nine vertices

How many vertices has got a triangle?
a) It has not got vertices
b) It has got two vertices
c) It has got two vertices and three angles
d) It has got three vertices

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