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A resume
a) tells the work history, education history and skills of a potential employee
b) should always include references
c) can have a few mistakes as long as they are not major
d) should list your elementary school

When creating a resume, all of the following but which is true
a) jobs should be listed with the first job you held first
b) jobs should be listed with the most recent job listed first
c) you should include an objective
d) you should include any special skills you may have

A visual representation of how a business is structured and the roles/ranks of the employees
a) flowchart
b) organizational chart
c) role chart
d) brochure

Definition of credible
a) unbelievable
b) able to be believed
c) extra credit given to help grades
d) understanding

Protect from harm or danger:
a) defend
b) complement
c) essential
d) ban

To display
a) deduce
b) exhibit
c) exclude
d) compile

a) clarify
b) critique
c) exclude
d) anticipate

a) invite into
b) deny access to
c) look forward to
d) hide

Something that completes something else or brings to perfection
a) compliment
b) complement
c) comply
d) concede

a) to request
b) to gather information
c) display
d) ask with authority and high expectation

An abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word
a) exhibit
b) exclude
c) exterior
d) acronym

To gather:
a) compile
b) complement
c) compliment
d) credible

Absolutly necessary:
a) exclude
b) essential
c) exhibit
d) portray

Antonym of exhibit
a) demand
b) display
c) hide
d) ban

Synonym for exclude:
a) include
b) demand
c) ban
d) invite

a) look forward to
b) consider
c) perceive
d) exhibit

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