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Which one is NOT one of the tools of monetary policy?
a) Open market corporations
b) reserve ratio
c) discount rate
d) inflation

What is the correct definition for commodity money?
a) The act of not repaying borrowed money
b) annual plan outing proposed expenditures
c) money that has an alternate use as a commmodity
d) taxon on the transfer of property when a person dies

What is the FDIC purpose?
a) insure the nations banks
b) helps your insurance
c) limits on annual spending
d) limit the amount of goods

What is the business cycle defenition
a) systematic changes in real GDP marked by alternating periods of expansion and contraction
b) legal or ilegal export nations currency
c) gov. issued coupons that can be exchanged for food
d) principal of bond or total amount borrowed

what changes in business cycle is real GDP marked by alternating periods of expansion and contraction
a) systematic
b) bull market
c) business fluctuation
d) black market

What is the decline in real gdp lasting at least two quarters or more ?
a) Measure of value
b) Profit
c) Regressive tax
d) Recession

Difference between what the economy can and does produce annual opportunity cost of unemployed resources
a) Automation
b) Assets
d) Barter economy

What is the impact of inflation on fixed incomes
a) Hurts the ones with jobs
b) Depends on the type of securities you hold
c) Affects all investments
d) Affects all people equally

What is true about what has been happening to the value of the dollar
a) It's been going down in value
b) It's worthless
c) It's priceless
d) It's been going up in value

How would you keep moneys value?
a) Make more money
b) Produce more money
c) Do NOT produce anymore money
d) Spend money

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