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is made from sliced bread dipped in a batter of eggs, milk, sugar, and flavorings. It is cooked on a griddle.
a) Pancake
b) French toast
c) Pizza
d) Waffles

Made from pourable batters on griddle or waffle iron
a) Pancake
b) Pancake and Waffle
c) Waffle
d) French toast

What are the two types of Hot, cooked cereals?
a) Cold and Granular
b) Hot and Cold
c) Whole and Granular
d) Wheat and Flaked cereals

Most common milk is from?
a) Buffalo
b) Cow
c) Goat
d) Carabao

Milk is fortified with Vitamin what?
a) A and E
b) A and D
c) D and C
d) A only

Skim milk is an example of
a) Reduced Fat milk
b) Skimmed milk
c) Low fat milk
d) Whole Milk

It consists of about 80% fat; the remainder is milk solids and water
a) Butter
b) Oil
c) Margarine
d) Whole Milk

Is a substitute for butter in cooking, baking, and table service. Not a dairy product
a) Margarine
b) Butter
c) Milk
d) Flour

Cottage cheese is an example of?
a) Riped cheese
b) Unripened cheeses
c) Semisoft cheese
d) Soft-ripened cheese

is one of the world’s most popular beverages and widely drunk, even in coffee-drinking countries
a) Coffee
b) Juice
c) Tea
d) Soda

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