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Kim is building a new social networking site and hopes to attract millions of users. Which aspect of comparing web hosts will she look at?
a) Cost
b) Reliability
c) Storage
d) Traffic

Which is the correct code to insert a horizontal line in a webpage?
a) br /
b) h1 /
c) hr /
d) li /

Karen wants to begin a new line within a paragraph of text on a webpage. Which code should she use?
a) br /
b) dd /
c) break /
d) p /

Which is the correct code to place a gif image named tiger into a webpage?
a) img src=tiger alt=BengalTiger /
b) img gif=tiger alt=BengalTiger
c) img src=tiger.gif alt=BengalTiger /
d) img scr=tiger.gif alt=BengalTiger /

Which CSS inline style results in the text size of a webpage paragraph displaying at 14px?
a) p style=font:14px
b) p style=size:14px
c) p font=size:14pt
d) p style=font-size:14px

Which hyperlink shows an absolute link?
a) a href=www.nytimes.comNYTimes/a
b) a href=page1.htmlPage One/a
c) a href=http://www.target.comTarget/a
d) a href=offers.jpgOffers/a

Which code uses a CSS inline style to change a webpage's background to the image brick.jpg?
a) body style=background-image=(brick.jpg)
b) body background=image:url('bricks.jpg')
c) body style=background-image:url('brick.jpg')
d) body style=background=brick.jpg

Sean is building a website on a tight budget. Which aspect of comparing web hosts will he look at?
a) Cost
b) Reliability
c) Storage
d) Traffic

Which of the following shows the proper syntax for an attribute that could be used inside an HTML tag?
a) color=blue
b) color blue
c) color='blue'
d) color=(blue)

Which code should be used to create reminder in bold text?
a) bold Reminder /bold
b) b Reminder /b
c) b Reminder
d) d Reminder /d

Which XHTML code will result in the words Friday displaying in bold and centered text?
a) p style=text-align:centerbFriday/b/p
b) boldcFriday/bold/c
c) boldalign=centerThis is bold and center/bold/align
d) bcenterThis is bold and center/b/center

While creating a paragraph of text on her webpage, Karen wants to begin a new line. Which XHTML code should she use?
a) br /
b) break /
c) li /
d) enter /

Which HTML code is NOT properly nested?
a) pbiMy WebPage/i/b/p
b) biMy WebPage/i/b
c) font color=rediMy WebPage/font/iuiMy Webpage/u/i
d) font color=redbMy WebPage/b/fontuh1My Webpage/u/h1

Jada's website appearence is very different when viewed in Internet Explorer than when viewed in Mozilla Firefox. What does she need to do before publishing her website?
a) Check the links in the site
b) Check the site in multiple browsers
c) Check the source code
d) Check the spelling in the site

Jeff wants to use a Document Type Definition (DTD) that will allow him to use obsolete tags, but not frames. Which DTD should be used?
a) Deprecated
b) Frameset
c) Strict
d) Transitional

What is the primary purpose of the website www.target.com?
a) Entertain
b) Hybrid
c) Inform
d) Sell

Jill is creating a webpage. Which tag will contain most of the information for the page as well as all information that will be displayed in the browser's window?
a) body
b) head
c) meta
d) title

What tag defines the end of a webpage?
a) /close
b) /end
c) /html
d) /page

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