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Agriculture can help the transportation industry reduce its dependency on foreign energy sources by
a) hiring cowboys to herd cattle to the stockyards
b) not shipping produce cross country
c) providing more milk to transport to the creamery
d) producing grain for bio-fuels

Telemedicine is the use of medical information exchange from one site to another via
a) written communication
b) verbal communication
c) print communication
d) electronic communication

Telemedicine allows hospitals to optimize the use of their personnel by
a) allowing outside specialists to view patient x-rays
b) cross training doctors, nurses and maintenance workers
c) allowing them to take more vacation days
d) outsourcing all possible work

Medical related images and simulations available to educate patients is an example of
a) nursing call centers
b) remote monitoring of vital signs
c) videoconferencing
d) continuing medical education

Health workers in remote areas of the world can communicate with specialists using webcams and
a) network security systems
b) fiber optics
c) satellites
d) electrocardiograms

As part of a communication system, what kind of device is a computer keyboard?
a) encoder
b) transmitter
c) decoder
d) storage device

As part of a communication system, what kind of device is a computer hard drive?
a) encoder
b) transmitter
c) decoder
d) storage device

Construction is a systematic process, which of the selections below is NOT in the proper sequence?
a) site preparation, setting foundation, building the framework
b) enclosing the structure, installing utilities, finishing the exterior
c) completing the site, building the framework, installing utilities
d) building the framework, enclosing the structure, installing utilities

The effectiveness of the manufacturing process was increased by the introduction of
a) custom made parts
b) batch production methods
c) interchangeable parts
d) natural materials

Manufacturing production systems can be classified as
a) customized, batch and continuous
b) natural, batch and continuous
c) customized, synthetic and continuous
d) customized, batch and natural

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