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Software that allows students to read email is what type of device
a) decoder
b) storage
c) retrieval
d) destination

As part of a communication system, what kind of device is a computer hard drive?
a) encoder
b) transmitter
c) decoder
d) storage device

In non verbal communication, a red hexagon shaped traffic sign means?
a) caution
b) yield
c) stop
d) go

As part of a communication system, what kind of device is a computer keyboard?
a) encoder
b) transmitter
c) decoder
d) storage device

In a systems model of input, process, output and feedback, when a student is speaking to a friend on a cell phone, the cell phone is part of the
a) input
b) process
c) output
d) feedback

Structural insulated panels have the ability to insulate as well as
a) conduct electricity
b) collect rainwater for reuse
c) act as a concrete form
d) support weight

Homes are built with materials that are readily available. In the eastern United States wood is most often used. What available material could be used in the desert southwest?
a) rock/stone
b) steel frame
c) adobe
d) straw bale

Building a framework includes putting up wall studs and
a) pouring concrete for the foundation
b) framing the roof
c) landscaping the outside
d) installing utilities

Construction is a systematic process, which of the selections below is NOT in the proper sequence?
a) site preparation, setting foundation, building the framework
b) enclosing the structure, installing utilities, finishing the exterior
c) completing the site, building the framework, installing utilities
d) building the framework, enclosing the structure, installing utilities

83. is the property of a material to resist permanent indentation.
a) a. Hardness
b) b. Creep Strength
c) c. Tensile Strength
d) b. Fracture Toughness

The effectiveness of the manufacturing process was increased by the introduction of
a) custom made parts
b) batch production methods
c) interchangeable parts
d) natural materials

Manufacturing production systems can be classified as
a) customized, batch and continuous
b) natural, batch and continuous
c) customized, synthetic and continuous
d) customized, batch and natural

Materials can be classified as
a) natural, plastic, and leather
b) natural, synthetic, and mixed
c) metal, synthetic, and leather
d) metal, plastic , and leather

Which of the following energy resources produce electricity using thermal energy?
a) wind
b) oil
c) water

Transformations of _______ usually produce some energy in the form of heat, which spreads by radiation or conduction into cooler places.
a) light
b) temperature
c) energy
d) power

Its major forms include thermal, radiant, electrical, mechanical, chemical and nuclear. What is it?
a) energy
b) power
c) force
d) resistance

Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can be _____ from one form to another.
a) sythesized
b) optimized
c) converted
d) communicated

Agricultural businesses must do three things
a) produce, process and market
b) process, manufacture, market
c) manufacture, distribute and market
d) produce, process and distribute

The role of transportation in other industries such as agriculture is
a) vital
b) very important
c) somewhat important
d) not important

What type of resource are crops grown on a farm?
a) exhaustible
b) renewable
c) non renewable
d) reusable

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