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74. At the end of a presentation it is important to
a) discuss all your failures
b) display many visual aids
c) discuss all your successes
d) summarize your main points

In the beginning of a presentation it is important to
a) summarize your main points
b) take questions
c) introduce yourself and your objective
d) display many visual aids

The communication format that has the potential to reach the largest audience is a
a) podcast
b) table display
c) brochure
d) live performance

When preparing to communicate a solution to a design problem, you must
a) make a set of CAD drawings
b) construct a table top display
c) visit the site of your presentation the week before
d) consider the viewpoint of your audience

A common computer software used to analyze data is a
a) word processor software
b) spread sheet software
c) computer assisted design software
d) graphic design software

What is the median of the following data set: 1, 3, 5, 8, 8
a) 1
b) 3
c) 5
d) 8

The mode in a data set is the number
a) in the exact middle of the set
b) that is the average
c) most frequently occurring
d) at the end

The average number in a data set is the
a) mean
b) mode
c) median
d) range

The mathematical formula for the area of a triangle is
a) A = length x width
b) A = base x ½ (height)
c) A = ∏ x radius2
d) A = length x width x height

The process of collecting, organizing and analyzing data is called
a) calculus
b) geometry
c) algebra
d) statistics

Which of the responses below is NOT a good reason to arrive early on the day of a presentation?
a) time to relax
b) time to construct a computer simulation
c) time to “get the feel” of the space from where you will present
d) time to set up

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