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Engineers, architects and others who engage in design to solve practical problems, use
a) mathematical applications and intuition
b) scientific knowledge and parental advise
c) intuition and parental advice
d) scientific knowledge and mathematical applications

Which of the personal characteristics listed below does not influence engineering design
a) creativity
b) sensitivity
c) ability to visualize
d) resourcefulness

A constraint that is concerned with cost and must be considered when designing is
a) aesthetic
b) political
c) economic
d) social

Which of the constraints listed below is not considered a physical constraint?
a) size
b) shape
c) cost
d) color

Engineering designs principles are used to evaluate designs according to flexibility, balance, function and
a) proportion
b) ethics
c) economics
d) historical significance

The Engineering Design Process follows
a) a defined circular path
b) a defined linear path
c) an undefined circular path
d) an undefined linear path

51. A systematic application of mathematical, scientific and technical principles is
a) sociological design
b) scientific design
c) engineering design
d) psychological design

By defining the problem, the designer clearly identifies what humans
a) like or want
b) like and want
c) like and don’t like
d) need or want

Data is collected during
a) evaluating
b) refinement
c) testing
d) optimization

54. Design portfolios, design journals, drawings and schematics are all used to
a) evaluate
b) communicate
c) test
d) optimize

Identified elements and features of a product or system are the
a) criteria
b) trade-offs
c) constraints
d) efficiency

56. Identified limitations on the design of a product or system are the
a) efficiency
b) constraints
c) trade-offs
d) criteria

57. When designers make compromises, the result is often
a) additional criteria
b) more constraints
c) increased efficiency
d) a trade-off

Time, budget and safety are almost always considered to be
a) trade-offs
b) criteria
c) constraints
d) efficiency

Which of the following is not normally included in criteria of a design?
a) Budget
b) function
c) efficiency
d) aesthetics

Conceptual, physical and mathematical models are used to
a) define criteria for a solution
b) determine trade-offs
c) train designers
d) evaluate design solutions

Sketching is a tool used in the creation of what type of models?
a) conceptual
b) physical
c) mathematical
d) psychological

Mock ups and prototypes are different types of
a) psychological models
b) conceptual models
c) physical models
d) mathematical models

63. Mathematical modeling aids in technological design by simulating how
a) a solution should be designed
b) a proposed system might behave
c) physical models should be built
d) designs should be used

64. A characteristic of a 3D model that a 2D model does not have is
a) volume
b) surface area
c) height
d) width

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