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What is one major difference between viruses and bacteria?
a) Bacteria can be treated with antibiotics; viruses can’t
b) Viruses can make you sick; bacteria can’t
c) Bacteria can cause infections; viruses can’t
d) Viruses can reproduce; bacteria can't

Antibiotics are used to kill
a) Bacteria
b) Viruses
c) Bacteria and Viruses
d) Neither Bacteria or Viruses

A cut in the skin can lead to an infection because
a) It allows pathogens to get into the body
b) The cut kills pathogens
c) The cut destroys the cilia that remove bacteria
d) a. It interferes with the immune system’s ability to fight disease.

If a virus is a hidden virus,
a) the genetic material does not produce new viruses right away
b) the cycle immediately produces new viruses
c) the virus can remain hidden for many years
d) the virus does not make you sick

Which of these is part of your body’s first line of defense against disease?
a) Your skin
b) Your antibodies
c) Your white blood cells
d) a vaccine

How does a white blood cell destroy a pathogen
a) By attacking it and engulfing(surrounding) it.
b) By changing its genetic structure
c) By changing its chemical composition
d) By pulling it apart

How are the germs used in vaccines different from the germs that exist in nature?
a) The germs used in vaccines are weakened or changed.
b) The germs used in vaccines can only make animals sick, not humans
c) The germs used in vaccines are not real germs
d) The germs used in vaccines mutate quickly

If you have immunity to a disease
a) Your body can fight the disease off before it makes you sick
b) It cannot enter the body
c) The disease must mutate as soon as it enters your body
d) Your body will be able to recover quickly

Immunity is the body’s ability to
a) Destroy pathogens before they can cause diseases
b) Tell one pathogen from another
c) Produce antigens
d) Fight diseases with the inflammation response

What might happen if your body didn't have memory cells?
a) You might get the same disease over and over again
b) Your body wouldn't be able to fight off diseases
c) Your body couldn't produce antigens
d) Diseases would make you sicker

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