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Which of the following is an example of a subsystem and system relationship?
a) mechanical toggle, xbox controller
b) wind, solar
c) television, stereo
d) door, home

Systems, which are the building blocks of technology, are embedded within larger:
a) political, ethical, and moral systems
b) mechanical, structural, and electrical systems
c) technological, social, and environmental systems
d) optical, thermal and fluid systems

Which of the following represents an example of a fluid core technology system?
a) Remote control
b) fireplace
c) Solar panels
d) hydraulic brakes

Which of the following is an example of an optical core technology system?
a) laser
b) iPod
c) fish tank
d) screwdriver

33. Which of the following components of the systems model provides information for the system to adjust its function according to the provided information?
a) a. Input
b) b. Feedback
c) c. Output
d) d. Process

34. Which of the following components of the systems model includes resources such as, energy, capital, people, materials, tools and machines, time and information?
a) Input
b) Feedback
c) Output
d) Process

35. Which of the following is an output of an email communication system?
a) a. The computer used by the person sending the email.
b) b. The modem used for internet connection.
c) c. The person sending the email.
d) d. The sent email.

36. Which of the following is an example of a closed system?
a) a. A clothing dryer
b) b. A microwave
c) c. A coffee pot
d) d. A motion detecting exterior light

Which of the following is a subsystem of a cell phone?
a) ergonomics
b) light
c) email
d) circuit board

Which of the following is not a reason a company would reverse engineer a product?
a) to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace
b) to document for future use
c) to optimize product design
d) learn from the device to create a new technology/product

This step in the reverse engineering process involves redesign and optimization of the product.
a) Disassemble
b) Test
c) Documentation
d) Analyze

This step involves the identification of subsystems and their relationship to one another.
a) Disassemble
b) Test
c) Documentation
d) Analyze

41. Which of the following is not a way for a company to reduce the possibility of failure of parts?
a) a. Redundancy
b) b. Tolerances
c) c. Overdesign
d) d. Pretesting of parts

42. Troubleshooting diagrams are used to __________.
a) a. Inform the user on how to use and maintain a system/product
b) b. Inform the user on where to have the product repaired
c) c. List the size and tolerances of the parts
d) d. List the product parts

43. Which electronic component does the following symbol represent? -/\/\/\-
a) a. Diode
b) b. Resistor
c) c. LED
d) d. Switch

44. Which of the following IS NOT one of the steps a company may take in an attempt to prevent a malfunction or failure of their product?
a) a. Overdesign
b) b. Redundancy
c) c. Pretesting of parts and procedures
d) d. Outsourcing of final product assembly

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