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The rate of technological development is __________.
a) a. Rapidly decreasing
b) b. Rapidly increasing
c) c. Slowly increasing
d) d. Slowly decreasing

Which of the following does not represent an innovation derived from the NASA space program?
a) a. Firefighter self contained breather systems
b) b. Adjustable patient harness system
c) c. Crash test dummies
d) d. Die free Laundry detergent

Which of the following represents the original invention computers are based upon?
a) a. Abacus
b) b. Vacuum tubes
c) c. Drive train
d) d. Calculators

______________ is a series of refinements to an original idea or product.
a) a. Technology transfer
b) b. Invention
c) c. Innovation
d) d. Culture shift

5. Technology transfer occurs when:
a) a. One society uses a product from another society
b) b. An innovation used for one purpose is used for another purpose
c) c. An innovation is used in different time periods
d) d. One society deems a product unethical

6. Which of the following represents new technologies creating new processes?
a) a. The integration of robotics in manufacturing
b) b. Geodesic domes used for structures
c) c. Inventions being shared between cultures
d) d. The unintended effects of a product

7. Which of the following occurs when a new user applies an existing innovation developed for one purpose in a different function?
a) a. invention
b) b. innovation
c) c. technology transfer
d) d. technology regression

Most development of technologies these days is driven by ________:
a) politics
b) profit motives
c) morals
d) ethics

Which of the following does not contribute to the success or failure of a product?
a) strength of the economy
b) latest fads
c) advertising
d) accessories included

is when a designer must make a choice between a positive and negative impact for a product.
a) principles of design
b) marketing
c) trade off
d) sketching

_________________ allow companies and individuals to protect their product designs from being copied and produced without their permission.
a) patents
b) trademarks
c) lawsuits
d) original sketches

Specific, goal-directed research conducted by a company to design new innovations is called _________.
a) engineering design
b) research and development
c) technical know how
d) technology transfer

Design problems are __________ presented in a clearly defined form.
a) often
b) never
c) seldom
d) always

Which of the following is least likely to be a reason to “reverse engineer” a technological device?
a) Some bad features of a product need to be designed out.
b) The device needs to be compared to the original design documentation.
c) You want to analyze the good and bad features of a competitor’s product.
d) The original manufacturer of a product no longer manufactures the product.

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