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Determine the behavior or supervise the action
a) a) Organizing
b) b) Planning
c) c) Controlling
d) d) Making

An example of a job related to the technological design process is a:
a) a) hair cutter
b) b) Landscaper
c) c) Engineer

To become a successful engineer you need to thoroughly understand math and ________.
a) a) Social Studies
b) b) Science
c) c) Art

Which of the following would an engineer most likely work on:
a) a) broken air conditioner
b) b) Planting a tree
c) c) Building a bridge
d) d) Repairing plumbing

________: means using one object not as the intending result. EX. Hitting a tennis ball with a baseball bat.
a) a) Spin Off
b) b) Technology
c) c) Trade Off

An example of technology that requires tradeoffs.
a) Car
b) Having a child
c) Buying a drill
d) Electing a president

Something prominent that identifies location:
a) a) Run-of the mile
b) b) Milestone
c) c) Landmark
d) d) Momentous

Use something again:
a) a) Recycle
b) b) Reuse
c) c) Reduce
d) d) Reclaim

Use again differently:
a) a) Recycle
b) b) Reuse
c) c) Reduce

To decrease the use of:
a) a) Recycle
b) b) Reuse
c) c) Reclaim
d) d) Reduce

When new technologies are developed to reduce the use of resources, we must consider:
a) a) Trade-offs
b) b) Spin-offs
c) c) Turn-offs
d) d) Buzz-offs

Which of the following is NOT a power and energy system:
a) a) Fossil fuels
b) b) Wind power
c) c) Hydro power
d) d) Solar energy

______ is the amount of work a physical system is capable of handling.
a) a) Energy
b) b) Power
c) c) Torque

Communication systems are design to facilitate the transfer of ___________ from human to human, and human to machine.
a) a) Information
b) b) Products
c) c) Consequences
d) d) Desires

The imparting or exchanging of information or news:
a) a) Transportation
b) b) Manufacturing
c) c) Construction
d) d) Communication

Which of the following is a manufacturing business?
a) a) Steele Company
b) b) Farmers Markets
c) c) A law firm
d) d) Wells Fargo

The building and erecting of something.
a) a) Manufacturing
b) b) Construction
c) c) Transportation

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