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Which is the highest quality
a) a) Excellent
b) b) Poor
c) c) Mint
d) d) Good

________________ enhances the technological design process.
a) a) Systems Thinking
b) b) Good Intention
c) c) Great Ideas
d) D) Nothing

Complex systems usually have components to do all of the following except:
a) a) detect
b) b) Fix
c) c) Bypass
d) d) Back up

There is a relationship between, systems, _________ and the technological design process.
a) a) Resources
b) b) Outputs
c) c) Ideas
d) d) Knowledge

How does the systems thinking idea impact technological design.
a) a) It helps the process become simpler
b) b) It makes the process complicated
c) c) It emphasizes the relationship among different systems
d) d) It does nothing to the technological design process.

____________ is a process used to make a design as effective as possible.
a) a) Exploring
b) b) Optimization
c) c) Manufacturing
d) d) Testing

Requirements are:
a) a) Mandatory
b) b) Criteria and constraints
c) c) Difficult
d) d) Easy

Form into a bent, curling, or distorted shape:
a) a) Stretching
b) b) Bending
c) c) Sliding
d) d) Twisting

______________ deals with the behavior of dynamic systems.
a) a) Control Theory
b) b) Guidance
c) c) Scientific Theory
d) d) Google

Make something longer or wider:
a) a) Stretching
b) b) Bending
c) c) Sliding
d) d) Twisting

Force something straight into a curve or angle:
a) a) Stretching
b) b) Bending
c) c) Sliding
d) d) Twisting

Moving along a surface while maintaining continuous contact with that surface:
a) a) Stretching
b) b) Bending
c) c) Sliding
d) d) Twisting

Humans need all of the following except:
a) a) Water
b) b) Oxygen
c) c) Sports
d) d) Food

The nature and development of _____________ knowledge and processes are products of the setting.
a) a) Technological
b) b) Common
c) c) Logical

There is a strong relationship between the protection of intellectual property and ________.
a) a) Technology Transfer
b) b) Ideas
c) c) Group Projects

What does a patent do?
a) a) Give the government tax money
b) b) Protect
c) c) Prevent someone from copying an invention

A work or invention that is a result of creativity.
a) a) Technological design
b) b) Intellectual Property
c) c) Trademark

___________________ occurs when a new user applies an existing innovation developed for one purpose but used for another.
a) a) Ideas
b) b) Technology Transfer
c) c) Production

) The process of making a schedule for something.
a) a) Organizing
b) b) Planning
c) c) Controlling
d) d) Making

To _________ something is to arrange into a structured whole.
a) a) Organize
b) b) Understand
c) c) Replace
d) d) Model

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