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1) __________ is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.
a) Technology
b) Scientology
c) Knowledge
d) Depth

2) ___________ is the branch of science and technology concerned with design, building, and the use of engines.
a) Engineering
b) Math
c) Science

3) Which of the four is an innovation?
a) Toilet
b) iPod 5
c) Wheel
d) Paper Clip

4) Technological design process results in:
a) Technologies that create new processes
b) Confusion
c) Ideas
d) Hydrostasis

5) Technology, Science, Engineering, and Mathematics are all related in:
a) Hospitals
b) Nature
c) Factories
d) Ideas

6) Which of the following is NOT a significant discovery:
a) a) Newton’s Laws of Motion
b) b) Radiation from Space
c) c) Vaccination
d) d) The Wallet

7) Most Technological advances are derived from:
a) a) Mistakes
b) b) Innovations
c) c) Science
d) d) Divine Intervention.

8) All of the following are problem solving techniques, except:
a) a) Trial and Error
b) b) Lateral Thinking
c) c) Abstract Modeling
d) d) Improvisation

9) Orthographic drawings are views from the:
a) a) Top, Front, Side
b) b) Top, Front, Bottom
c) c) Top, Back, Front
d) d) Top only

10) __________ is a software package designed to create electronic presentations consisting of a series of separate pages or slides.
a) Word
b) Excel
c) Powerpoint
d) Access

11) Which is an invention:
a) Corn
b) Computer
c) Water
d) Honey

12) What is the main reason for releasing innovations instead of everything at once?
a) a) Help the community
b) b) They hadn’t thought about it
c) c) To make money
d) d) To evaluate proper test and regulations.

Everything you do has:
a) Consequences
b) Rewards
c) Thoughts
d) Food

Which is a technological device that requires input while using?
a) A tablet
b) Door
c) Chair
d) Marker

Which is NOT a problem in the community?
a) a) Homelessness
b) b) Trash
c) c) Debt
d) d) Tourism

The design process includes ____ processes
a) 3
b) 6
c) 12
d) 15

An example of something found on a “materials list” for a construction project would be:
a) Wood
b) Butter
c) Computer
d) Works Cited Page

Which of the following do you NOT use to address technological problems?
a) a) Scale Drawings
b) b) Mathematical Concepts
c) c) Problem Solving
d) d) Process of Obstricts

_______________ is a planned process ensuring that criteria are met.
a) a) Quality Control
b) b) Guidance Schedule
c) c) Reset
d) d) Wellington Process

__________ is the process of planning, organizing, and controlling work.
a) a) Organization
b) b) Management
c) c) Google
d) d) Administration

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