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Which characteristic of money would a block of ice not meet?
a) Divisible
b) Uniform
c) Durable
d) Portable

Which one is a negative of currency?
a) durable
b) acceptable
c) divisible
d) cost to make it

What type of money would you classify a credit card as?
a) Representative
b) Commodity
c) Bullion
d) Spieces

What type of money would you classify tea as?
a) Bartering
b) Representative
c) Commodity
d) Species

Fiat money is……….
a) defined as paper money
b) defined as money that is backed by gold
c) defined as money by government decree
d) defined as money in excess reserves

Which is NOT an advantage of bartering?
a) requires many trades
b) uses no money
c) can trade for items with more value
d) services can be traded too

Which is NOT a characteristic of money?
a) Durable
b) Replaceable
c) Divisible
d) Uniform

What is NOT 3 functions of money?
a) Standard of value
b) Medium of exchange
c) Measure of value
d) Store of value

Which is a disadvantage of a debit card?
a) can't get into debt
b) can't over spend easily
c) Identity theft
d) keeps you organized

Which is an advantage of a credit card?
a) credit score
b) debt
c) Fees
d) interest rates

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