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Mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy by a
a) generator
b) transformer
c) galvanometer
d) batter

What determines the strength of graviational attraction between two objects?
a) distance and mass
b) charge and mass
c) size and mass
d) density and mass

If you are sitting on a train looking out the window, and you see another train pass, what is the reference point you use to tell the train which train is moving?
a) the landscape
b) your body
c) the train
d) the passing train

According to the electromagnetic spectrum, which type of EM wave has the longest wavelength?
a) radio
b) gamma
c) infrared
d) ultraviolet

Which of the following is a true statement about action-reaction forces?
a) they act on different objects
b) they are equal and cancel each other
c) they act only
d) both act at a distance

What occurs when a wave hits a surface that it cannot pass through and bounces back?
a) reflection
b) refraction
c) diffraction
d) interference

Which of the following equations expresses Newton's second law of motion?
a) Acceleration = Net force / mass
b) Acceleration = mass / net force
c) Acceleration = mass x net force
d) Acceleration = mass + net force

Which of the following is required for an electric current to flow?
a) an unbroken circuit
b) insulators
c) an electrical device
d) positive charges

The transfer of heat by the movement of a fluid is called
a) convection
b) conduction
c) radiation
d) thermal transfer

Electromagnetic waves consist of
a) changing electric and magnetic fields
b) electrons in space
c) magnetic particles in space
d) compressions and rarefactions

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