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A small depression caused when a chunk of ice is left in a glacier till
a) kettle
b) moraine
c) oxbow lake
d) drumline

An area of wave-washed sediment along a coast
a) sea cave
b) beach
c) sand dune
d) loess

a large mass of moving ice and snow
a) ice mountain
b) glacier lake
c) glacier
d) fjord

The energy in this causes waves
a) wind
b) hurricane
c) tornado
d) glacier

Fine wind-deposited sediment which helps makes soil fertile
a) loess
b) sand dune
c) desert
d) sea wall

Times in the past when glacier covered most of Earth's surface
a) ice ages
b) Pangaea
c) continental drift

A deposit of wind-blown sand
a) loess
b) rill
c) rivulet
d) sand dune

The process in which a glacier picks up rocks
a) plucking
b) abrasion
c) weathering
d) longshore drift

A beach formed by longshore drift that projects out like a finger
a) wave-cut cliff
b) spit
c) sea stack
d) barrier beach

Wind erosion that removes surface materials
a) plucking
b) abrasion
c) deflation
d) longshore drift

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