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What is a tool for measuring wind direction?
a) Anemometer
b) Wind vane
c) Sling psychrometer
d) Barometer

What is a tool used to measure air pressure?
a) Anemometer
b) Wind vane
c) Sling psychrometer
d) Barometer

What is used to help predict weather patterns?
a) Satellites
b) Weather maps
c) Isobars
d) Isotherms

Which of the following information is not included on a station model?
a) Cloud cover
b) Wind direction
c) Wind speed
d) City

Which of the following statements is not true?
a) Land heats faster than water
b) Land loses heat faster than water
c) Water warms slowly but loses heat quickly
d) Water regulates Earth's temperature

What is the convection region from the equator to 30 degrees?
a) Tropical
b) Temperate
c) Polar
d) Trade

Why do climate zones occur on Earth?
a) Sun
b) Uneven heating
c) Uneven cooling
d) Water

Climate is not related to which of the following factors?
a) Convection regions at various latitudes
b) Temperature differences between the equator and the poles
c) Radiation waves affecting Earth
d) Warm and cold surface ocean currents

What two global winds blow east to west?
a) Trade and Westerly
b) Polar and Westerly
c) Trade and Coriolis
d) Trade and Polar

Which of the following wind and convection groups are incorrect?
a) Polar winds, Polar region
b) Trade winds, Tropical region
c) Westerly winds, Temperate region
d) Trade winds, Temperate region

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