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Ben needs to ______ Nikki's dog.
a) looked
b) look up
c) looks after
d) look after

A puppy is too young to feed ____.
a) himself
b) herself
c) itself
d) yourself

The puppy can't do ___but it is still cute.
a) everything
b) anything
c) anyting
d) anytime

An apple is ___ ____ fruit.
a) kind of
b) kind off
c) kine of
d) kinder surprise

Fly - past simple
a) flyed
b) flied
c) fled
d) flew

I don't understand. What do you ___?
a) saying?
b) meant
c) mean
d) tells

Mean - past simple
a) mean
b) meaned
c) meant
d) meen

A mammal is a ___ blooded animal.
a) hot
b) warm
c) cold
d) red

The puppy is hungry, you should ___ it.
a) mean
b) fill
c) eat
d) feed

Puppies can ____
a) wash themselves
b) dress themselves
c) feed themselves
d) be cute

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