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What Government concept is represented by the phrase “we the people” at the beginning of the US Constitution?
a) Popular Sovereignty
b) Limited Government
c) Separation of Powers
d) Rule of Law

Which statement reflects the influence on the civil rights movement of citizen action in Greensboro, North Carolina?
a) Sit-ins failed to gain support, and lunch counters remained segregated.
b) Sit-ins spread to other cities, helping to desegregate public facilities.
c) Sit-ins, which were not supported by national civil rights leaders, slowed progress for desegregation.
d) Sit-ins gained national support, but little action was taken by state governments to improve civil rights.

Which of the following items is NOT scarce?
a) Potatoes
b) Oil
c) Gold
d) Americans with college degrees in Math Science

Which of the following is NOT a part of the Declaration of Independence?
a) Unalienable Rights
b) Religious Freedom
c) Grievances
d) Declared Independence from England

How did the Proclamation of 1763 affect the British Colonies?
a) It limited western movement of settlers
b) It led to an increase in fur trading
c) It prevented trade with American Indians
d) It led to the French and Indian War

In terms of Mercantilism, what is vital to a European nation’s success?
a) Importing goods at any price
b) Exporting goods to America
c) Acquiring more lands than other nations allows for cheap importing (mainly in America)
d) Slavery did not make a difference during mercantile trade

Which of the following does NOT describe the Virginia Colony?
a) It was a business venture
b) The Virginia colony established the first representative government in America
c) The original plan was to make money from planting cash crops
d) Gold was not discovered, but the Virginia Company profited from raising Tobacco

Which of the following did NOT cause The Great Migration?
a) Jim Crow Laws
b) Lack of economic opportunities
c) A surplus of jobs in the south
d) An alarming rate of lynching

Which statement describes the effects of Jim Crow laws on the people of North Carolina?
a) These laws required separate public accommodations, such as restrooms and schools, for citizens.
b) These laws made it illegal to possess, manufacture, sell, or transport alcoholic beverages.
c) These laws placed price supports on crops such as tobacco, rice, and cotton.
d) These laws ended slavery and gave the newly freed men the right to vote.

How did North Carolina’s geographic features affect the movement of goods and people?
a) Mountain ranges and a lack of navigable ports restricted the movement of goods and people.
b) Warm-water ports and small mountain ranges encouraged the movement of goods and people.
c) Deep rivers and flat fertile land helped North Carolina develop strong interstate commerce.
d) Multiple rivers and valleys prevented the development of large farms and a tourist economy.

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