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a) I
b) You (fam.)
c) You (formal)
d) You (all)

a) You (all)
b) We
c) They (fem.)
d) They (mixed)

a) To need
b) To want
c) To do
d) To have

a) To do
b) To need
c) To want
d) To have

a) To do
b) To need
c) To have
d) To want

Las materias
a) Subjects
b) Materials
c) School
d) Themes

Es medianoche.
a) Noon
b) 12 pm
c) 12 am
d) What time is it?

A ti te gustan los deportes.
a) I like sports.
b) You (fam.) like sports.
c) You (all) like sports.
d) We like sports.

A ella le gusta la novela porque es interesante.
a) She doesn't like the novel.
b) He likes the novel because it's interesting.
c) She likes the movie because it's fun.
d) She likes the novel because it's interesting.

a) Delighted to meet you (male)
b) Delighted to meet you (female)
c) Likewise
d) How are you?

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