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When Mao Zedong said A wind has been blowing from the West, it will now begin to blow from the East, he was express which of the following ideas
a) the monsoons will soon shift and bring destruction to the mainland of Asia
b) Chinese culture will no longer influence the people of Asia
c) European power will decline as a new center of power emerges in Asia
d) The Asian people has much to learn from the Asian Europeans

Why has a strong sense of national unity been difficult to achieve in many African nations that gained their independence in the twentieth century?
a) Communism is a powerful force against national unity
b) tribal loyalty is sometimes stronger than national loyalty
c) Europeans fear that national unity will make African countries too strong
d) It is easier to attract foreign investment when national loyalty is discouraged

The United States first made a commitment to a mutual defense alliance in 1949. This alliance was created in response to the Berlin Blockade and encouraged 12 democratic nations.
a) Warsaw Pact
b) Strategic Arms Limitations Talks
c) Atlantic Charter
d) North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Which was a major reason for the success of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe after World War II?
a) Eastern Europeans accepted the doctrine of Pan-Slavism
b) The democracies of Western Europe needed greater security
c) The Soviet Union had military forces in Eastern Europe as a result of World War II
d) Western Europeans feared that Naziism would be rekindled in Eastern Europe

What point was Winston Churchill making when he spoke of the iron curtain?
a) The Soviet Union has expanded its influence throughout Eastern Europe
b) The Soviet Union has helped nations of Eastern Europe improve their standard of living
c) The democratic nations of Western Europe have stopped the expansion of Soviet influence in the world
d) The Soviet Union will support Communist revolutions in Southeast Asia

Democratic principles started in ancient Rome and Greece and since has
a) spread throughout the world
b) been replaced by communist governments led by the United States
c) not been practiced much at all
d) has given all power to kings and queens

In the 30 years after World War II, which area was most influenced by the Soviet Union?
a) Southeast Asia
b) North Africa
c) Eastern Europe
d) Central America

Kwame Nkrumah, president of Ghana believed that all colored people of the world should unite to not only realize their common purpose but also their common destiny. Which term describes this view?
a) colonialism
b) Pan-Africanism
c) imperialism
d) urbanization

The homespun movement and the Salt March promoted by Mohandas Gandhi in India are examples of his policy of
a) industrialization
b) isolationism
c) nonalignment
d) nonviolent protest

The Indian National Congress's refusal to support the British in War, the homespun movement in India which involved the boycott of British imported cloth into the nation are all examples of
a) attempts by native people to gain Indian independence
b) political reorganization in the colonial empire
c) programs to increase India's standard of living
d) the benefits of economic interdependence between Britain and India

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