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Which statement summarizes L'Amour's central argument?
a) The country needs strong leaders to move us into the future.
b) Some people are born to explore; some are not.
c) Problems preventing space exploration can be overcome.
d) Exploration leads to progress and growth.

In paragraph 5, L'Amour uses the phrase 'those who cling to our lovely green planet as a baby clings to its mother' to suggest that --
a) there are valid reasons to postpone space exploration
b) we must hang on to what we have
c) those who oppose his view are weak and timid
d) space exploration will not threaten our planet

In paragraph 6, L'Amour appeals to readers' --
a) pride in a national character
b) love of rural traditions
c) fear of the unknown
d) desire to seem sophisticated

In paragraphs 6 and 7, L'Amour argues that the real reason Europeans came to America was to explore a new frontier. What evidence does he provide to support this claim?
a) People have a natural urge to explore the unknown, which means pushing the boundaries of new frontiers.
b) People often prefer to make excuses rather than admit to the real reasons behind their behavior.
c) Some Europeans who suffered religious persecution didn't emigrate to America, so these reasons were not sufficient.
d) Many Europeans who had not suffered from religious persecution and poverty emigrated to America.

What rhetorical device does L'Amour use in paragraph 13?
a) loaded terms
b) caricatures
c) leading questions
d) false assumptions

The word impetus in paragraph 14 comes from the Latin word impetere, which means 'to attack.' In this context, impetus means --
a) a forward push
b) an unplanned approach
c) a renewal of objections
d) a reversal of direction

Which main idea statement would support the following details: Growth of computer technology, Development of new medicines, Invention of Teflon.
a) Space exploration is just one of the many ways that humans show their ingenuity.
b) Some advances affect people's lives more than others.
c) Demands for innovations in other areas detract from the space program.
d) Space exploration has contributed to advances that benefit everyone.

'There will always be the nay-sayers, those who cling to our lovely green planet as a baby clings to its mother, but there will be others like those who have taken us this far along the path to a limitless future.' This simile is used to --
a) show how people disagree about things
b) show how the earth is like a mother
c) show how some people are reluctant to move out of their comfort zones.
d) show how babies can be leaders

How does the author organize paragraph 4?
a) description
b) compare and contrast
c) problem and solution
d) chronological

Which of the following is an opinion?
a) In 1900 there were 144 miles of surfaced road in the United States.
b) Our frontier lies in outer space.
c) then they crossed the mountains and found their way through impassable forests to the Mississippi.
d) The computer age has arisen in part from the space effort, which gave great impetus to the development of computing devices.

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