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How does all heat move?
a) Hot to cold
b) Cold to hot
c) Hot to hot
d) Cold to cold

How does radiant energy warm an object?
a) When it is reflected
b) When it is wet
c) When it is absorbed
d) When it is convected

Which of the following is an evidence of work being done?
a) Pushing on a stationary wall
b) Walking on a treadmill
c) Push a shopping cart through the store
d) Sitting in a chair

Which of the following is not an example of an inclined plane?
a) Screw
b) Handicap ramp
c) Window blind
d) Wedge

What are the ways to use the inclined plane to reduce the force needed?
a) Increase length, increase height
b) Decrease length, increase height
c) Decrease length, decrease height
d) Increase length, decrease height

Where should a fulcrum be placed to reduce the amount of force?
a) Increase distance from fulcrum to effort force
b) Increase distance the weight is from the fulcrum
c) Decrease distance from fulcrum to effort force
d) Put the fulcrum in the middle of the bar always

What is another name for a complex machine?
a) Confound
b) Compound
c) Complete
d) Condone

What is the SI unit for force?
a) Newton
b) Joules
c) Centimeter
d) Watt

What is the SI unit for energy?
a) Newton
b) Joules
c) Centimeter
d) Watt

Energy enables something to do
a) Nothing
b) Force
c) Work
d) Exercise

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