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What happens when a switch is closed on a circuit?
a) The light turns off
b) Nothing
c) The energy is stored
d) The light turns on

What is the force of attraction and repulsion?
a) Generation
b) Magnetism
c) Motorism
d) Wirism

What happens to the magnet if we turn off an electromagnet?
a) The magnet keeps working
b) The magnet turns off
c) The magnet reverses polarity
d) The magnet gets stronger

What type of energy tranformation happens when you knock a book off a shelf?
a) Potential to Mechanical
b) Potential to Kinetic to Sound
c) Potential to Kinetic to Heat
d) Potential to Kinetic to Destroyed

What states: Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it changes form?
a) Law of Energy
b) Law of Conservation of Energy
c) Law of movement
d) Law of physics

What energy transformation happens when you stretch a rubberband and let it go?
a) Mechanical to Chemical
b) Potential to Kinetic
c) Potential to Electrical
d) Kinetic to Potential

Mechanical energy is the energy of
a) Motion
b) Batteries
c) Sun
d) Circuits

Solar energy comes from where?
a) Sun
b) Moon
c) Stars
d) Earth

What happens as heat is added to a substance?
a) The temperature goes down
b) The temperature stays the same
c) The temperature goes up
d) You can't add heat to a substance

Which of the following is an example of heat energy?
a) Photosynthesis
b) Burning wood
c) Plugging in a fan
d) Water behind a dam

What happens when you break a magnet in half?
a) You get two magnets
b) One is North, one is South
c) You can't break a magnet
d) The magnet stops working

How can electrical energy be transformed into sound energy?
a) Add a light bulb
b) Add a TV
c) Add a toaster
d) Add a fan

Which of the following is needed to complete an electric circuit?
a) A source of energy
b) A conductor connected to the source (wire)
c) A device that will use that energy
d) All answers are correct

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