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What's the first step in the mummification process?
a) Stuff the body with fabric and saw dust.
b) Removal of the stomach.
c) Cover the body in salt.
d) Wrap the body in layers of linen bandages.

What is the meaning of the word embalmer?
a) Remove organs from the body.
b) Prepared to be kept for a long time.
c) People who preserve dead bodies.
d) A type of cloth made from flax.

Why were bodies covered in salt?
a) So that it could be wrapped.
b) The body was now a shell.
c) It dried the body out.
d) So that the body could be stuffed in a coffin.

Which step in the mummification process comes before placing the body in a coffin?
a) The body was wrapped in layers of linen bandages..
b) The organs are wrapped and kept in jars.
c) The body was covered with salt.
d) The heart was left in place.

What can you infer from the passage?
a) ancient Egyptians did not think that people had an afterlife
b) ancient Egyptians thought the brain was the most important organ
c) usually only special people like pharaohs were mummified
d) everyone who died in Ancient Egypt was mummified

Mummification is a word for describing what process?
a) Preserving bodies
b) Destroying bodies
c) Hiding bodies
d) Burying bodies

This passage is mainly about
a) the long, careful process of mummification.
b) what is inside the Egyptian pyramids.
c) the different organs inside the human body.
d) the different kinds of coffins used in Ancient Egypt.

Which step comes last in the sequence described in the passage?
a) The body is placed in a coffin.
b) The body is wrapped in linen bandages.
c) The coffin is placed in a tomb.
d) Organs are removed from the body.

The second paragraph is mostly about
a) putting the body into a coffin.
b) covering the body with salt.
c) removing organs from the body.
d) wrapping the body with linen.

Which detail supports the idea that the heart was important?
a) The brain was removed with a hook through the nose.
b) The stomach, liver, intestines, and lungs were removed.
c) The organs were wrapped and kept in jars.
d) The heart was left in place.

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