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This 'part of speech' is used to describe a noun.
a) adjective
b) adverb
c) adverbive
d) adjerb

A type of 'figurative language' that uses extreme exaggeration for emphasis or effect.
a) hyperphor
b) alliteration
c) interjection
d) hyperbole

A 'part of speech' used to join words or groups of words.
a) conjunction
b) interjection
c) alliteration
d) personification

A type of 'figurative language' that appeals to our senses in order to represent objects, actions, and ideas.
a) imagery
b) personification
c) mood
d) theme

A 'part of speech' that is a kind of adjective used before a noun to show whether it refers to something specific or not.
a) article
b) adjective
c) interjection
d) prefix

A type of 'figurative language' that is not understood literally. These are usually not understood in different cultures/countries.
a) idiom
b) alliteration
c) adiom
d) imagery

A 'part of speech' inserted and used to express emotion - WOW!
a) interjection
b) conjunction
c) alliteration
d) figurative language

A type of 'figurative language' that occurs when the initial sound of words are repeated for poetic effect.
a) alliteration
b) interjection
c) onomatopoeia
d) simile

A 'part of speech' used to tell when, where, how, in what manner, or to what extent an action is performed.
a) adverb
b) adjective
c) advertisement
d) advice

The use of words in a way other than their literal meanings, often to add emphasis or say something in a fresh and creative manner.
a) figurative language
b) literal language
c) english language
d) customary language

This is considered a story's main message or moral to the story.
a) theme
b) folktale
c) main idea
d) topic sentence

A 'part of speech' that uses a word to replace or stand for a noun.
a) pronoun
b) prenoun
c) proverb
d) preposition

A type of 'figurative language' used to compare two unlike things. For example: she runs fast as lightening.
a) simile
b) assimilation
c) metaphor
d) personification

A 'part of speech' that uses a word, or group of words, to show a noun's relationship to another word in the sentence. These include: in, on, at, around, before, near, of, for, etc.
a) preposition
b) pronoun
c) article
d) conjuction

This is an important part of a paragraph that introduces the reader to the main idea.
a) topic sentence
b) theme
c) topic paragraph
d) main idea

A type of 'figurative language' used to describe animals, ideas, or objects as though they possess human qualities or emotions.
a) personification
b) personality
c) onomatopoeia
d) metaphor

The following is NOT an example of a common noun:
a) Camp Creek Elementary
b) elementary school
c) bright green vegetables
d) my sister

The following is NOT an example of a proper noun:
a) doctor school
b) Doctor Jones
c) Dr. Seuss
d) Doctor of Medicine

A type of 'figurative language' that uses a comparison of two unlike things, however, does NOT use the words 'like' or 'as.'
a) metaphor
b) simile
c) metalile
d) simiphor

A type of 'figurative language' that uses words whose sounds imitate the sounds of what they describe.
a) onomatopoeia
b) hyperbole
c) alliteration
d) personification

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