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What kind of animals are mainly found in this biome?
a) forest animals
b) savanna animals
c) winter and fall animals
d) grassland and desert animals

What are people living in this biome concerned about?
a) rain/snow
b) sleet/hail
c) over risen tides
d) fires/droughts

In the winter, the Chaparral's weather is known as the_______climate
a) Cold
b) Mediterranean
c) forest
d) mountain

What do most Chaparral plants have?
a) huge, weak laeves to hold a drop of water
b) small, smooth leaves to hold bugs
c) small, hard leaves to hold moisture
d) huge, hard leaves to hold other plants

Are there any fires or droughts in the Chaparral, why or why not?
a) no, because the Chaparral has winter
b) yes, because it is so hot and dry
c) yes
d) no

What season does it rain most?
a) spring
b) summer
c) fall
d) winter

The summer temp. is usaully_____?
a) 10°F
b) 10°C
c) 40°F
d) 40 °C

What season does the Chaparral expriance?
a) just summer and winter
b) only winter
c) winter, summer, fall
d) all four seasons (summer,winter,fall,spring)

in the Chaparral,winter is usaully_______?
a) 10°C
b) 40 °C
c) 40°F
d) 10°F

Where is the Chaparral found?
a) north america, mediterranean, and west africa
b) everywhere
c) United States,of South America, the Cape Town area of South Africa,Australia and the Mediterranean.
d) no where

Chaparrals exist in a mid-latitude climate, so the Chaparral tends to be on the _____ side continents
a) east
b) north
c) west
d) south

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