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Which of the following are the 3 G's that explain why Europeans wanted to sail to Asia?
a) Gifts, Gold, and Glory
b) God, Gold, and Glory
c) God, Glory, and Silver
d) Gold, God and Gluten

Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal gained his famous nickname for which of the following:
a) He started a navigational school in Sagres
b) He funded expeditions that eventually rounded the tip of Africa
c) Great advances in cartography and navigation took place during his reign
d) All of the above

At its height, it was said that the sun never sets on the British Empire. What is the BEST explanation for this saying?
a) The British owned both Poles, which receive constant sunlight during the summer
b) Britain controlled vast areas of land that spread across the globe.
c) The Brits only colonized sunny areas that would produce the most food
d) All British subjects had a positive, or sunny, attitude.

In the 1400s and early 1500s, which two countries were the first to take the lead in exploring areas beyond Europe?
a) Italy and Germany
b) Portugal and Spain
c) Holland and Denmark
d) England and France

The ________ was China's main link to the western world.
a) The Cotton Alley
b) Silk Road
c) Textile Way
d) Gold Road

Spanish nobles who traveled to America hoping to get rich were called
a) Gauchos
b) Conquistadors
c) Maquiladora
d) Amigos

Which were the four main empires during exploration?
a) England, Spain, Portugal, and Germany
b) England, Spain, Portugal, and France
c) Germany, Spain, Portugal and France
d) Africa, Germany, Spain, and Portugal

Slavic language: Eastern Europe:: ________ : Western Europe
a) Romance
b) English
c) Barbaric
d) French

Spanish and French are examples of what type of language?
a) Germanic
b) Romance
c) Slavic
d) Ukranian

The Russian language is an example of a _____ language
a) Germanic
b) Romance
c) Slavic
d) Uranian

There are many different languages spoken throughout Europe. Which of the following would be the biggest disadvantage to having so many different languages spoken on one continent?
a) It is difficult doing businesses with citizens in other European countries?
b) It is difficult to learn how to drive in other European countries
c) It is difficult to follow the religion of other European countries?
d) It is difficult to read books written by authors from other European countries

A countries _______ is the percentage of population aged 15 or older that can read and write
a) literacy rate
b) standard of living
c) population density
d) gross domestic product

What effect does the literacy rate have on the standard of living for a country
a) Literacy rate does not have an effect on standard of living
b) The lower the literacy rate, the higher the standard of living
c) The higher the literacy rate, the lower the standard of living
d) The higher the literacy rate, the higher the standard of living.

If a country has a high standard of living, what does this usually mean?
a) They are poor
b) They have a low literacy rate.
c) They value education
d) They are a big country

The literacy rate for most European Countries is
a) Low
b) On the lower side
c) High
d) Isn't known

Which of the following is not a major religion of Europe
a) Judaism
b) Christiantiy
c) Hinduism
d) Islam

Christianity, Islam and Judaism all originated in
a) Europe
b) Latin America
c) Southwest Asia
d) Africa

Muhammad is the prophet of which religion?
a) Christianity
b) Islam
c) Judaism
d) Hinduism

A belief in one supreme God is called
a) Polytheistic
b) Bitheistic
c) Athiest
d) Monotheistic

The sacred text for followers of Islam is called
a) a Bible
b) the Koran
c) Mosque
d) Old Testament

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