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What is a superstition?
a) A super stitch in clothing.
b) Something only witches believe in.
c) A belief that something will bring you good or bad fortune.
d) Something that only existed in the 1800s.

What is dialect?
a) Quotation marks
b) A regional difference in language
c) A different language
d) Language spoken in a foreign country

In what state did Mark Twain grow up?
a) Mississippi
b) Missouri
c) Ohio
d) Florida

What happens to Tom and Joe when they learn how to smoke?
a) They win Huck's friendship.
b) They get a whipping from Aunt Polly.
c) They are expelled from Sunday School.
d) They get sick.

Who decides to have the door of McDougal's Cave bolted shut?
a) Judge Thatcher
b) Mrs. Harper
c) Injun Joe
d) Tom Sawyer

Who adopts Huck Finn at the end of the novel?
a) Aunt Polly
b) The Widow Douglas
c) Judge Thatcher
d) Muff Potter

Whom does Tom encounter while lost in the cave?
a) Judge Thatcher
b) Injun Joe
c) Huck Finn
d) Muff Potter

What does Tom find behind door #2 at Temperance Tavern?
a) Milk and cookies
b) Whiskey and Injun Joe
c) Buried treasure
d) A dead cat

Why does Huck not go along on the picnic?
a) Because he promised to keep watch for Injun Joe.
b) Because he wasn't invited.
c) Because he doesn't like the girls in town.
d) Because he's afraid of boats.

Who is blamed for the murder of Dr. Robinson?
a) Injun Joe
b) Dr. Robinson
c) Muff Potter
d) Huck Finn

Why do Tom and Huck first go to the graveyard?
a) To look for the devil
b) To charm away warts
c) To bury a cat
d) To dig up a body

How does Tom trick his friends into helping him whitewash the fence?
a) He offers them marbles
b) He promises to go swimming with them when the job is done
c) He tells them Aunt Polly wants the help
d) He convinces them that the job is fun.

This character is referred to as Tom's bosom friend, one who disappears to the island with him and leads the opposite army when they play.
a) Ben Rodgers
b) Jim
c) Alfred Temple
d) Joe Harper

Mark Twain is not the real name of the author, it is his _______.
a) Dad's name
b) Pseudonym
c) Main character's name
d) Name he wishes he was given

Mark Twain took inspiration from his own life to develop which parts of the novel:
a) The main characters, Huck and Tom
b) The state of Missouri
c) Life on the river
d) All of the above

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is written in what point of view?
a) First person
b) Second person
c) Third person
d) None. It's a biography.

__________ would be considered the antagonist of the novel.
a) Injun Joe
b) Huck Finn
c) Tom Sawyer
d) Muff Potter

______ is Tom's cousin who tries to help him be a better boy.
a) Polly
b) Mary
c) Amy
d) Becky

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