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The prefix (Homo) means?
a) different
b) many
c) little
d) same

Is a form of nuclear division that reduces chromosomes numbers from diploid to haploid.
a) mitosis
b) meiosis
c) megosis
d) matetis

The chromosome number in human cells other than sex cells is?
a) 23
b) 46
c) 100
d) 64

All Females have _______ chromosomes.
a) XY
b) XX
c) YY
d) XZ

Chromosome pairs 1-22. Are chromosomes that contain genes for characterstics not directly related to sex.
a) gamets
b) meiosis
c) somatic cells
d) Autosomes

These are body cells which make up almost all of your tissues and organs.
a) somatic cells
b) gametes
c) haploids
d) diploids

Sex cells that contain egg and sperm are called?
a) autosomes
b) gametes
c) somatic cells
d) haploid cells

When Mendel crossed pure breed round seeded pea (RR) with a pure breed wrinkled seeded on (rr) what were the genotypes expressed in the offspring?
a) 100% RR
b) 50% Rr and 50% RR
c) 100%Rr
d) none of the above

Which is true about recessive alleles?
a) Recessive alleles are displayed when one recessive alleles is present.
b) Recessivealleles are randomly expressed
c) Recessive alleles can never be expressed.
d) Recessive alleles are only expressed when the alleles are homozygous recessive

Gametes join togeather during ____________ which is the actual dusions of egg and sperm and restores the diploid number.
a) mitosis
b) fertilization
c) Meiosis
d) Genetics

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