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Why was the Republican party formed in 1854?
a) To oppose the increase in states
b) To oppose the rise in taxes
c) To oppose the spread of slavery
d) To oppose the power of the government

Which compromise let California into the United States?
a) Missouri Compromise
b) The Great Compromise
c) The Compromise of 1850
d) The Kansas-Nebraska Act

What was the secret route that helped runaway slaves escape to freedom?
a) Underground Railroad
b) The Highway to Freedom
c) The Freedom Trail
d) Harriet Tubman's Great Escape Route

Which abolitionist wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin about the daily life of a slave?
a) Harriet Tubman
b) Fredrick Douglas
c) Harriet Beecher Stowe
d) William Lloyd Garrison

What were the people involved in the anti-slavery movement known as?
a) Temperance Workers
b) Socialist
c) Abolitionist
d) Religious Zelots

Why was the South known as King Cotton?
a) Because they relied on the production of cotton
b) Because they were ruled by a British King named Cotton
c) Because they loved to use cotton as money
d) Because the were dependant on the import of cotton from other countries

Which section of the United States emerged as the Bread Basket of the nation?
a) Noth
b) East
c) South
d) West

What were the major sections of the United States just prior to the Civil War?
a) North, South, East
b) West, South, Central
c) North, South, West
d) Northwest, Southwest, Deep South

What major cause of the Civil War led to people feeling an extreme loyalty to where they lived in the United States, rather than the country as a whole?
a) Slavery
b) State's Rights
c) Sectionalism
d) Taxes

What country did the United States go to war with, in which territory was gained in Southwest North America?
a) Spain
b) Mexico
c) France
d) England

What large state was annexed in 1845, after it had previously won its independence from Mexico?
a) Arizona
b) New Mexico
c) California
d) Texas

What purchase doubled the land territory of the United States?
a) Louisiana Purchase
b) Florida Purchase
c) Oregon Purchase
d) Texas Purchase

What was the political belief that America was going to span from ocean to ocean no matter what it took?
a) Revolution
b) Manifest Destiny
c) The American Dream
d) The Land of the Golden Sun

What Supreme Court case upheld the institution of slavery and declared the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional?
a) Marbury v Madison
b) Worchester v Georgia
c) Dread Scott
d) Brown v Board of Education

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