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Which of the following is a characteristic of the Industrial Revolution?
a) Factories replace home production
b) Mass production begins
c) Use of steam engine in factories
d) All of the answers are correct

Where did the Industrial Revolution begin, and in what industry did it start?
a) France/Oil
b) England/Textiles
c) United States/Agriculture
d) Spain/Livestock

Which of the following is TRUE about a free enterprise system?
a) Individuals are free to produce and see whatever they wish
b) People go into business to make a profit
c) Prices are set by supply and demand
d) All of the answers are correct

What is a tariff?
a) A tax on all goods
b) A tax on anything from a Northern state
c) A tax on imported goods
d) A tax on any glass items

What was the main issue facing President Jackson during the Nullification Crisis?
a) Does a state have the right to use military force on its own people
b) Does a state have the power to nullify a federal law within its borders
c) Does a state have the right to raise its own taxes
d) Does a state need to ask permission to invade another state

What was the name given to the long march and removal of the Cherokee, in which thousands died along the 800 mile long journey?
a) Trail of Death
b) The Death March
c) Trail of Fire
d) Trail of Tears

What act did Jackson sign into law, which gave the government the power to relocate Native Americans?
a) Trail of Tears
b) Reservation Act
c) Indian Removal Act
d) The Native American Kindness Law

How did Jackson change the way people would campaign for office?
a) He held dinners, rallies, and public meetings
b) He used TV advertizing
c) He ran a clean race and didn't dig up dirt on his opponent
d) He didn't waist time raising money

Why was Jackson's time in office referred to as the Age of the Common Man?
a) Because he did not have money growing up
b) He saw himself in the farmers, soldiers, and small business owners
c) He thought that what he did was very common
d) Because he was afraid of the wealthy and powerful

What reform movements occurred during and after Jackson's time in office?
a) Abolitionist Movement begins (anti-slavery)
b) Temperance Movement (ban alcohol)
c) Women's Rights Movement
d) All of the answers are correct

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