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The father was not able to care for his children because
a) he had to work hard everyday
b) he didn't make enough money
c) he stayed in bed all day
d) he was overcome with grief

This selection is mainly about
a) three sisters love for their father
b) how grief tore a family apart
c) how Betty cared for her sisters
d) three children wanting to go to school

In paragraph 4, the phrase 'in isolation' means
a) separated
b) grouped
c) differently
d) routinely

After reading paragraph 2, the reader can conclude that
a) the children were comfortable staying in the home alone
b) the house was warm and full of life
c) the children stayed busy all day doing their chores and school work
d) the children spent most of their day waiting for their father to return to work

The story takes place...
a) in the main part of town
b) at Wimpy's hamburger stand
c) in the girls' home
d) at the girls' school

What can the reader conclude from the suitcases?
a) The father did not know how to overcome his grief in order to take care of his daughters
b) The girls were enormously stoic and learned how to take care of their grieving father
c) The death of the mother and grandfather required the girls to stay home and take care of their father
d) The girls packed their suitcases so they could go live in a home where they would be happy

The reader can conclude the author's childhood was
a) unhappy
b) violent
c) exciting
d) memorable

Why do you think the children had never packed suitcases before?
a) They have never had to move
b) They didn't own a suitcase
c) They didn't have clothes to pack
d) Their father would not allow it

Why do you think the children went with the lady in the black suit?
a) They knew the lady had come to help them
b) They wanted to leave their home
c) It had been a long time since they had gone somewhere
d) They wanted to go find their father

In comparison to the beginning of the section, the end of the section makes us feel that the girls' lives will continue to be
a) pleasant
b) full of trials
c) full of contentment
d) stable

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