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In paragraph 4, the phrase 'in isolation' means
a) separated
b) grouped
c) differently
d) routinely

In paragraph 1, the word 'rousing' means to
a) sleep
b) be alone
c) awake
d) walk around

In paragraph 2, the phrase 'lost in grief' means
a) overcoming a problem
b) causing great pain
c) challenging an issue
d) suffering caused by a loss

The definitions for grief are: 1. intense emotional suffering, as caused by a loss. 2. a cause of such suffering -to come to grief. 3. fail or be ruined 4. end badly. Which definition best fits the word as it is used in paragraph 2?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

The mood set in paragraph 9 is
a) grief
b) happiness
c) excitement
d) sadness

To the speaker, what is the greatest change in her father?
a) he takes them out to dinner every night
b) he won't let them go out of the house alone
c) he works very hard every day.
d) He never laughs and sings anymore.

After the grandfather died...
a) the dad took care of the children
b) Betty was able to go to school
c) Better had to stay home to care for her sisters
d) Aunt Carrie took care of the children

What even could have changed the whole plot of the story?
a) the girls' mother would have lived
b) the girls' father didn't have a job
c) the grandfather didn't live with them
d) Betty would have stayed in school

When the woman in the black suit entered the house she said 'Well, they were right.' From this statement, the reader can conclude that the woman-
a) was there to bring food to the children
b) had heard the children weren't being properly cared for
c) knew the girls' father worked long hours
d) brought the children their school work

The reader can infer that the children packed their suitcases because-
a) they were going to visit their Aunt Carrie
b) they were going to school again
c) they were going to visit their grandfather
d) their father was not taking proper care of them

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