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Which of these best describes the relationship between Earth’s layers?
a) The hottest layers are closest to the core.
b) The more liquid layers are closest to the crust.
c) The lightest layers are closest to the core.
d) The more metallic layers are closest to the crust.

What layer of Earth is located just below the crust?
a) Inner core
b) Mantle
c) Continental shelf
d) Outer core

When the Earth is seen from outer space, it looks mainly blue. This is because most of the Earth is covered with —
a) ice
b) mountains
c) oceans
d) deserts

Which is the best action to help protect water resources in Virginia?
a) Dispose of pet waste in a stream.
b) Rinse spilled gasoline with a hose.
c) Organize a river cleanup program.
d) Put hazardous waste in with house trash.

Earth makes a complete revolution around the Sun about once every —
a) day
b) year
c) season
d) minute

Which of these best describes a tornado?
a) A winter storm that produces frozen precipitation
b) A rotating funnel-shaped cloud with strong winds and thunderstorms
c) A severe weather condition with low temperatures and blowing snow
d) A storm that forms over warm ocean water and has extremely strong winds

Which of these can be mined from Earth and used as an energy source?
a) Coal
b) Gravel
c) Granite
d) Limestone

Which of these activities is most likely to have a positive impact on the environment of Earth?
a) Expanding neighborhoods
b) Building factories
c) Constructing highways
d) Creating nature preserves

Which of these best describes the Moon?
a) Older than Earth
b) Smaller than Earth
c) Having the same climate as Earth
d) Having the same atmosphere as Earth

A student is hiking through a forest taking pictures for science class. Which picture would most likely be used as an example of human impact on Earth?
a) A trail built by cutting down trees
b) A river eroding away the riverbank
c) A bird nest made of dead branches
d) A group of butterflies landing on flowers

The top layers of soil are important because they —
a) prevent earthquakes
b) give plants nutrients
c) protect the bedrock
d) make walking easier

Which of these describes rotation?
a) Mercury goes around the Sun every 88 days.
b) The Moon goes around Earth every 28 days.
c) Earth orbits the Sun about every 365 days.
d) Earth makes one turn on its axis every 24 hours.

Granite is a hard material and forms from cooling magma. Granite is a type of —
a) lava stone
b) igneous rock
c) volcanic dust
d) sedimentary rock

The presence of an animal fossil in a rock gives evidence of —
a) what hunting behaviors the animal used
b) how many babies the animal had
c) exactly when the animal was born
d) the time period the animal lived in

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