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Where does Scipio go each night, since he does not stay with the other children?
a) with Ida
b) with Dottor Massimo
c) with Victor
d) with the Hartliebs

What is the name of the movie theatre?
a) the Stella
b) the Steamboat
c) the Steel Curtain
d) the Stars

Who rides the merry-go-round and turns older?
a) Barbarossa
b) Prosper
c) Riccio
d) Scipio

Where is the merry-go-round found?
a) at the Merciful Sisters
b) at the Isola Segreta
c) at Ida's house
d) at Victor's house

What happens when Barbarossa rides the merry-go-round?
a) he turns young
b) he doesn't ride it
c) he turns old
d) nothing

How do Ida and Victor get Hornet out of the orphanage?
a) they break in and steal her
b) they pay the sisters
c) Ida pretends to be her godmother
d) they leave her in there

What is one thing that Scipio steals from his father's house?
a) sugar tongs
b) a tv
c) clothes
d) food

Which one of these is NOT found on the merry-go-round?
a) a merman
b) the sea horse
c) a seal
d) the lion

At the end of the story, what do Prosper and Scipio find when they return to the Isola Segreta?
a) Renzo and Morosina
b) the dogs
c) Barbarossa
d) no one is there, the merry-go-round is gone

What was wrong with the money that was given to Scipio for the wing?
a) it was fake
b) there was too much
c) there was not enough
d) nothing was wrong

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