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Which form of few best completes the sentence? Of all the students in that group, Malcolm usually makes the __________ mistakes.
a) fewest
b) most fewest
c) fewer
d) more fewer

Which form of weak best completes the sentence? The old lawnmower sputtered to life __________ before it finally stopped running.
a) weak
b) weakest
c) weakly
d) weaker

Which form of bad best completes the sentence? This is the __________ day of my life.
a) worse
b) worst
c) baddest
d) most bad

Which form of little best completes the sentence? Cecelia doesn't like beets, but Daniel likes them even ___________.
a) little
b) lesser
c) less
d) littler

Which form of difficult best completes the sentence? Between piano and violin, which do you think is the __________ instrument to play?
a) more difficult
b) difficult
c) most difficult
d) difficultest

Which form of well best completes the sentence? Phyllis loves water skiing __________ than snow skiing.
a) better
b) well
c) weller
d) best

Which form of softly best completes the sentence? My grandfather speaks __________ than my grandmother does.
a) most softly
b) more softly
c) softliest
d) softlier

Which form of early best completes the sentence? What is the __________ time you have ever woken up in the morning?
a) most early
b) more early
c) earlier
d) earliest

Which form of kind best completes the sentence? Ben is an extremely __________ little boy.
a) more kind
b) kindest
c) kinder
d) kind

Which form of reliable best completes the sentence? My old computer worked well, but my new one is __________.
a) more reliable
b) reliably
c) most reliable
d) reliabler

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