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In which sentence is a semicolon used correctly?
a) The rain fell all morning; before the weather cleared up in time for the game.
b) All of the students wanted to stop at the park; on the short walk home from school.
c) When we arrived on the bus; the entire park was filled with interesting caves.
d) The very old house on the corner did not look old; it had been restored and looked beautiful.

Which of the following uses a semicolon correctly?
a) By carefully memorizing her lines; Amica performed well at the play try-outs.
b) Cassandra clapped with enthusiasm; her team had won the soccer match.
c) Lamar wanted a tuna sandwich for lunch; but his mom gave him a hamburger.
d) After Jackson used a new method for shooting free-throws; he made six in a row.

Which of the following uses the semicolon correctly?
a) Every year geese fly over my house; as they migrate south for the winter
b) When the joggers came around the corner; the deer scurried into the forest.
c) Mary likes to go to the zoo; Joanne enjoys shopping at the mall.
d) The baker had enough dough; so he made five loaves of bread.

In which box should there be a semicolon (;)?
a) We left the concert early and went straight home.
b) Apples are my favorite fruit pears are a close second.
c) Because we expected rain we moved the picnic inside.
d) Turn the heat down because that pot is boiling over

Read the sentence. Idaho is filled with many natural wonders rainforests, alpine peaks, barren deserts, fertile farmland, plus places like the River of No Return. Which is the correct place to use a colon in the sentence?
a) after the word wonders
b) after the word farmland
c) after the word places
d) after the word like

Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?
a) We, finally, found all of the ingredients in the cupboard; therefore we were able to bake the cake.
b) Many of the birds appeared sick, however, the veterinarian declared each healthy.
c) Each person was allowed to take only one box for lunch; however, Jontavius took three.
d) The park ranger was considerate of our situation, therefore; he gave us a free night of camping.

Comics are usually not considered an art form, they serve a valuable function. What is the correct way to write this sentence?
a) Comics are usually not considered an art form, so they serve a valuable function.
b) Although comics are usually not considered an art form, they serve a valuable function.
c) Comics are usually not considered an art form or they serve a valuable function.
d) Leave as is.

Mexico, however, should also be mentioned in the same breath, thanks to the following artists Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros. What is the correct punctuation of the underlined part of the sentence?
a) artists: Diego Rivera
b) artists; Diego Rivera
c) artists—Diego Rivera
d) artists, Diego Rivera

Which sentence from the passage does not need to be included in a summary?
a) The first paint colors were the colors of the earth.
b) Many pigments were created from various kinds of clay and minerals.
c) Spanish explorers took cochineal back to Europe.
d) Today the chemistry of color is very advanced.

Light Waves Air tennis shoes are the best basketball shoes for you! Affordable and comfortable, they are the number one seller among teens today. Furthermore, everyone who is anyone in basketball buys Light Waves Air tennis shoes. Are you “anyone”?
a) The author is suggesting through the use of endorsement that even famous basketball players choose Light Waves Air tennis sho
b) The author is suggesting through the use of association that only Light Waves Air tennis shoes can make someone a better bask
c) The author is suggesting through the use of stereotypes that people who are great basketball players buy only Light Waves Air
d) The author is suggesting through the use of bandwagon that basketball players who wear Light Waves Air tennis shoes are well

GUITAR LESSONS — Learn to play like a rock star! Sammy T. at Lyrics Music Co. is now offering guitar lessons. Students receive lessons for half price! Call 601-555-4767. Which tool of persuasion is used in this advertisement?
a) Association
b) Tabloid thinking
c) Repetition
d) Plain folks

Which of the following statements from the passage uses endorsement to encourage Jesse to perform?
a) “I heard you as I was coming down the hall,” his father said, looking in.
b) “If the audience cannot hear you, they will not understand the rest of the play.”
c) “Your mom is right,” agreed his father. “You will do just fine.”
d) “I know how much Marcus teases you, but sometimes his ideas aren’t so ridiculous after all.”

I have helped my grandmother make this tasty dessert many times since I was little, and I always tell my friends that pizzelles are the most amazing cookies in the world. Which persuasive device is the speaker using in this sentence?
a) bandwagon
b) loaded terms
c) testimonial
d) name calling

“The name ‘Liberty Bell’ came in 1839 from a Boston antislavery group called the Friends of Freedom.” What does the prefix anti- mean in the word antislavery?
a) many
b) again
c) before
d) against

Madame Daphne’s prediction about the queen’s first child being a daughter came true. In this sentence, what does prediction mean?
a) favorite possession
b) whispered secret
c) feeling of forgiveness
d) message about the future

My dog, Tibbs, is a truly extraordinary animal. In this sentence, what does extraordinary mean?
a) regular
b) amazing
c) imaginary
d) perplexed

40 So when I saw Hershel turning away from the sports bulletin board, I went up and said, “Hey, did you see the announcement about baseball tryouts?” What does announcement mean as used in paragraph 40?
a) Statement
b) Argument
c) Excitement
d) Resentment

Bottled water is often shipped long distances to reach consumers, sometimes transcontinentally. In the word, transcontinentally, the prefix trans means
a) nearly
b) across.
c) toward.
d) beneath.

In order to save money, use fewer resources, and create less waste, they advocate using tap water and reusable “sports” bottles rather than bottled water. In the sentence, what does the word advocate most likely mean?
a) debate
b) predict
c) research
d) encourage

I felt a hard lump, so monstrous in size that it could not be a pearl.In the sentence, which of the following words could best be used in place of the word monstrous?
a) huge
b) scary
c) terrible
d) unusual

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