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What is the correct order (starting from the surface) of Earth's layers?
a) crust, outer core, inner core, mantle
b) mantle, outer core, inner core, crust
c) crust, mantle, outer core, inner core
d) outer core, inner core, crust, mantle

Earth's inner core is
a) a dense ball of solid metal.
b) a layer of molten material.
c) a layer of hot rock.
d) a layer of rock that forms Earth's outer skin.

Earth's mantle is
a) a layer of molten material.
b) a layer of hot rock.
c) a dense ball of solid material.
d) a layer of rock that forms Earth's outer skin.

The part of the mantle called the ________ is made of soft rock that bends like plastic.
a) outer core
b) inner core
c) lithosphere
d) asthenosphere

_________ is a rock with a fine, dark texture that makes up the oceanic crust.
a) Gabbro
b) Pumice
c) Basalt
d) Granite

Earth's solid inner core is surrounded by the hot, molten metal of which layer?
a) mantle
b) the outer core
c) lithosphere
d) crust

The asthenosphere is part of a layer of Earth. Which part?
a) The mantle
b) The crust
c) The inner core
d) The outer core

Pressure increases with depth toward the center of Earth. In which layer would you expect pressure to be the greatest?
a) The outer core
b) The crust
c) The inner core
d) The mantle

Which layer of Earth is made up partly of crust and partly of mantle material?
a) Asthenosphere
b) Inner Core
c) Outer Core
d) Lithosphere

What is the major difference between oceanic crust and continental crust?
a) The oceanic crust is less dense than the continental crust.
b) The oceanic crust is thinner than continental crust.
c) The oceanic crust is made of basalt.
d) The continental crust is thinner than the oceanic crust.

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