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Boiling, a physical change, can separate the components of a
a) substance
b) compound
c) mixture
d) element

Evenly mixed can describe a
a) solution
b) substance
c) heterogeneous mixture
d) compound

Matter that is always composed of the same combination of atoms is a
a) solution
b) substance
c) heterogeneous mixture
d) homogeneous mixture

Evaporation is a
a) chemical change
c) physical change

What 2 factors can affect solubility
a) mass and height
b) mass and speed
c) surface area and stirring
d) temperature and pressure

A solution with a pH of 7 would be
a) acidic
b) base
c) concentrated
d) neutral

As the concentration of hydronium ions in a solution increases, its pH
a) decreases
b) increases
c) stays the same
d) goes to lunch

If a solution's pH went from 5 to 1, how much more acidic would it be?
a) 4 times
b) 40 times
c) 10 times
d) 10,000 times

A pH meter measures the
a) hydroxide ions in a solution
b) hydronium ions in a solution
c) solubility of a solution
d) concentration of a solution

C=m/v is a formula for finding
a) the pH of a solution
b) the solubility of the solute
c) the composition of a compound
d) the concentration of a solution

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