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How does light travel?
a) straight line
b) waves
c) around objects
d) up and down

What is the bouncing back of light?
a) refraction
b) reflection
c) transparent
d) opaque

Which object causes light to refract?
a) mirror
b) lens
c) wooden door
d) tinted windows

When light reflects, one can see...
a) own image
b) a broken image
c) a bigger image
d) a smaller image

Which is the best example of refraction?
a) pencil in cup of water
b) flashlight and a mirror
c) tinted windows on a car
d) shiny metal chair leg

Reflection is ......
a) the bouncing back of light
b) the bending of light
c) when light is absorbed
d) when light passes through an object

Light energy can
a) all of these
b) power a solar power calculator
c) make objects visible
d) created with electricity

Refraction of light causes objects to appear
a) all of these
b) bigger
c) smaller
d) broken

Which of the following makes its own light?
a) sun
b) flashlight
c) lightbulb
d) candle

Why do we see the moon from Earth?
a) it reflects light from the sun
b) it makes it own light
c) it reflects light from Earth
d) it glows on its own

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