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What is the name of the healer that helped the Czar's son?
a) Romanov
b) Stalin
c) Rasputin
d) Lenin

What year did WWI begin?
a) 1914
b) 1917
c) 1814
d) 2014

What happened the first time Lenin tried to take over?
a) He won and then controlled the government
b) He won but gave the throne to Stalin
c) He lost and became a slave to the Romanov family
d) He lost and went into hiding

Which one of these is a major reason the Russian Revolution began?
a) Alexandra was related to Kaiser Wilhelm and the people didn't trust her
b) The Russians were losing in WWI
c) People refused to do their work because they were starving
d) All of the above

Lenin led the Russia Social-Democrat Labor Party, and changed its name to...
a) The Republican Party
b) The Communist Party
c) The Russian Party
d) The Soviet Party

What does USSR stand for?
a) United Soviet Socialist Republic
b) United States of Soviet Respect
c) Under Standing Stalin Rules
d) United Soviet States of Rome

Who took over after Lenin died?
a) Vladamir Putin
b) Joseph Stingray
c) Czar Nicholas
d) Joseph Stalin

In what city did the Russia Revolution break out?
a) Stalingrad
b) Moscow
c) St Petersburg
d) Ukraine

What was Czar Nicholas's Dad's name?
a) Czar Alexander
b) Czar Demitri
c) Czar Dominic
d) Czar Nicholas

True or False: Rasputin was well liked by the Russia people?
a) True: He was a doctor and people love doctors
b) False: People hated him and killed him
c) False: People hated him but left him alone
d) True: He was very handsome

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