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Camille is developing a rate card for advertising space in her school's yearbook. Which of the following layouts is the most expensive for advertisers to purchase?
a) 1/16 page two-color
b) 1/2 page black and white
c) 1/4 page black and white
d) 1/2 page four-color

A primary reason that sport/event marketers sell advertising space in their programs is to
a) generate revenue.
b) increase fan loyalty
c) offer financial support
d) attract new markets

Rachel is selling program advertisements for a marching band competition that her high school is hosting. Which of the following sales prospects is most likely to purchase ad space in the program?
a) Local music shop
b) national piano manufacturer
c) International symphony conductor
d) State/Provincial museum director

When selling advertising space in sport/event programs, it is important for marketers to give their customers the
a) mailing costs
b) research fees
c) news deadlines
d) advertisement specifications

To sell advertising space in an event program, the first thing Kyle should do is
a) design the front cover of the program to show prospects.
b) call all businesses to determine their interest.
c) develop a list of local businesses to contact.
d) obtain printing supplies for the program

To increase revenue, professional baseball and football teams often sell advertising that appears
a) on national television.
b) on the back of tickets.
c) in local magazines
d) in community newspapers

Which of the following is a consideration when implementing a ticket sales campaign:
a) Name recognition
b) Seating arrangement
c) Organized hospitality
d) Immediate accessibility

Sales promotion is a major part of sport/event marketing because
a) the industry is so highly competitive.
b) the most important task in sport/event marketing is ticket sales.
c) there aren't very many sport/event customers.
d) the industry can get very boring.

When you ask, What does this sales promotion offer to customers? which step in the process of generating out-of-the-box sales promotion ideas are you completing?
a) Determine how to get the news out.
b) Determine incentive.
c) Determine creativity.
d) Determine delivery.

When you ask, How will my customers receive this sales promotion? which step in the process of generating out-of-the-box sales promotion ideas are you completing?
a) Determine incentive.
b) Determine how to get the news out.
c) Determine delivery.
d) Determine creativity.

Brian needs to generate some out-of-the-box sales promotion ideas for a tennis tournament. He's not sure how to start, but he know that the tournament's marketers want to reach the 18-to-35-year-old crowd. How is Brian prepared for inspiration?
a) He knows his competition.
b) He's putting a new twist on an old idea.
c) He's brainstorming.
d) He knows his target market.

One of the features of sports events such as football games is that they are
a) unpredictable
b) consistent
c) impulsive
d) tangible

What is the first thing you should understand when setting out to develop out-of-the-box sales promotion ideas for your game/event?
a) You need a certain amount of experience to do so.
b) There is no particular source or technique.
c) There is no way to be prepared for inspiration.
d) You need a certain amount of education to do so.

Which of the following is one of the main features of a sport product:
a) franchises
b) tickets
c) extensions
d) athletes

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