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Which structure is the interface between the blood systems of a mother and her fetus?
a) uterus
b) fallopian tube
c) fetus
d) placenta

What is the primary type of macromolecule in the actin and myosin that make up muscle cells?
a) lipid
b) carbohydrate
c) protein
d) fiber

Which statement accurately states what happens when a muscle contracts?
a) Calcium produces contractions.
b) Actin produces myosin and ATP.
c) Calcium combines with ATP to produce sarcomeres.
d) Myosin heads attach to and pull on a series of actin-binding sites.

Which is an example of asexual reproduction in plants?
a) producing pollen
b) fusing gametes
c) budding
d) producing seeds

Which statement is correct about the relationship between bones and muscles?
a) A bone needs only one muscle to move it back and forth.
b) A muscle can both push and pull a bone, causing it to move.
c) Moving a bone back and forth requires the action of at least two muscles.
d) Bones can move without the aid of muscles.

When is a muscle fully contracted?
a) When the myosin and actin filaments are completely overlapped.
b) When the myosin and actin filaments are partially overlapped.
c) When the myosin and actin filaments are barely overlapped.
d) When the myosin is touching the actin.

Which structure of a flowering plant produces female reproductive cells, or eggs?
a) stigma
b) petal
c) ovule
d) anther

Haploid cells will be found in which two structures of a flowering plant?
a) ovule and stigma
b) anther and stigma
c) anther and ovule
d) stigma and petal

In which structure do pollen grains develop?
a) ovule
b) anther
c) stigma
d) petal

Which of the following statements is the best description of the life cycle of plants such as ferns?
a) Different plants have a different number of phases in their life cycle.
b) Plants have a two-part life cycle, spending part of their life in a diploid phase and part in a haploid phase.
c) Plants have a single life cycle and are entirely diploid.
d) Plants have a single life cycle and are entirely haploid.

How does an action potential travel through a neuron?
a) From dentrites at one end of cell, through axon, to cell body at other end of cell..
b) From dendrites through the cell body, through the axon, and out the dendrites at the other end of the cell.
c) From the center of the axon, outward in both directions to ends of cell.
d) From the center of the cell body, outward in both directions to the ends of the cell.

When an action potential reaches the end of the axon, what happens?
a) The potassium ions travel back toward the cell body.
b) The neuron takes up chemical messengers (neurotransmitters).
c) The sodium ions travel back toward the dendrites.
d) The neuron releases chemical messengers (neurotransmitters).

Which cell is found in the nervous system?
a) sodium
b) axon
c) dendrite
d) neuron

Which behavior can both humans and flatworms do?
a) communicate verbally
b) see the shape of an approaching predator
c) smell fresh food
d) form images from sensory signals

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