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Which of the following is NOT a type of heat transfer?
a) condensation
b) convection
c) radiation
d) conduction

Which is NOT an example of condensation?
a) Moisture forming on the side of a glass holding a cold liquid.
b) A person’s glasses steaming up when they enter a warm room.
c) Clouds forming in the sky.
d) Sleet falling during a winter storm.

On a weather map a purple line with alternating triangles and half circles indicates a(n)
a) occluded front
b) warm front
c) cold front
d) stationary front

Which is NOT part of the Earth’s water cycle?
a) soil erosion
b) rain
c) cloud formation
d) radiation from the sun

What type of front forms when two air masses meet and neither has the force to move the other?
a) A stationary front
b) An occluded front
c) A warm front
d) A cold front

Which part of the water cycle involves water changing into vapor?
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) runoff
d) precipitation

On a weather map a line with blue triangles on one side and red half circles on the other indicates a(n)
a) stationary front
b) occluded front
c) warm front
d) cold front

On a weather map a red line with red half circles indicates a(n)
a) warm front
b) cold front
c) stationary front
d) occluded front

The direction of the triangles or the bumps on a front indicate
a) the direction the front is moving
b) where the temperature is colder
c) where the temperature is warmer
d) where the front came from

A front is where
a) two air masses bump into each other
b) two air masses move away from each other
c) two storms combine
d) enough water evaporates to form clouds

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