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What did Khrushchev build around his side of Berlin?
a) a shopping mall
b) a grassy park
c) a wall

What Eastern European country had a civil war in 1946?
a) Greece
b) Albania
c) Serbia

President Kennedy was in a struggle with what Cuban leader?
a) Nikita Khrushchev
b) Fidel Castro
c) Vladimir Putin

Who became president after Kennedy was assassinated?
a) Lyndon B. Johnson
b) Gerald Ford
c) Richard Nixon

What was the new capital of the Allies new Germany?
a) Vienna
b) Paris
c) Bonn

What happened to Khrushchev while he was vacationing in 1964?
a) he died
b) he was fired and forced to retire
c) someone tried to assassinate him

Who was the US attorney general that put the fear of Communism inside the American people?
a) John Kerry
b) Collin Powell
c) Joseph McCarthy

What president pulled US troops out of Vietnam?
a) Carter
b) Ford
c) Nixon

What movement was President L. B. Johnson very active in?
a) civil rights
b) voting rights for women
c) gay marriage

Who was assassinated on April 4, 1968?
a) Martin Luther King, Jr.
b) President Kennedy
c) Fidel Castro

What was it called when the civil rights movement lost its support from white Americans due to riots?
a) white backlash
b) gerrymandering
c) manipulation

At what Ohio university did four students get shot and killed by Ohio National Guardsmen?
a) Ohio University
b) Kent State
c) Columbus State

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