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1.After fighting for hours, the little girls made an agreement to share their toys. What is the meaning of agreement?
a) fight
b) question
c) promise
d) oath

The teacher canceled the test because so many students were absent? What is the meaning of canceled?
a) remember
b) not do as planned
c) get ready for
d) forgot to give

Scientists are curious people- they want to know how nature works. What is the meaning of curious?
a) not interested
b) angry
c) full of questions
d) naïve

It is a strange fact that the male sea horse, not the female, gives birth. What is the meaning of fact?
a) rule
b) something true
c) long story
d) myth

Karen is so flexible that she can sit down and lift her ankle over her head? What is the meaning of flexible?
a) able to bend
b) real
c) heavy
d) to tout

As I painted the room, the odor of the paint began to give me a headache? What is the meaning of odor?
a) smell
b) cost
c) warm feeling
d) color

To prepare for the difficult test, Jeff decided to stay up all night and study. What is the meaning of prepare?
a) watch
b) get ready
c) leave
d) pass

When my son gets bored, I often suggest that he call his friends or go outside. What is the meaning of suggest?
a) fear
b) forget
c) offer an idea
d) to pray

Noah goes to the gym seven days a week. He says daily exercise keeps him healthy and happy. What is the meaning of daily?
a) happening each year
b) happening each week
c) happening each day
d) happening each month

Cristine thought the novel would entertain her, but instead it put her to sleep. What is the meaning of entertain?
a) change
b) make sleepy
c) to motivate
d) interest greatly

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